5 Reasons To Always get a trim!

5 Benefits Of A Trim/Cut:

Healthier Ends – Getting your hair cut will help you get rid of your split ends.

Less Breakage – Getting rid of the split ends will cause a reduction in hair breakage

Retain Length – Getting a trim will help you retain length due to the reduction in hair breakage and split ends. When you have split ends and don’t take care of them, the split travels up the hair shaft and stunts hair growth

Easier Styling – Detangling is much easier when your hair is even and can reduce the amount of time and stress in your detangling process

Thicker/Fuller Look – If you don’t get a trim, the split ends will start to taper off and your hair will look thinner

5 Sign That You Need A Cut:

Visible Split Ends – You should definitely get a trim if you can actually see your split ends

Ends Easily Snap/Break – If you notice your ends are breaking and snapping, it’s time for a trim. Don’t confuse this with hair shedding where the hair breaks at the root

See-through Ends – If you have wispy, feathery ends, you need to trim your hair

Thin Hair – If your hair isn’t as full as it was before and appears thin, that’s a sign that you need a cut or shape

Dull Ends – If yours are dull, raggedy, dry, or just plain crusty-looking, it’s time to let them go

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