Sisterlocks™, a healthy alternative to relaxers, allows women with tight, textured hair the versatility of styling their hair in ‘Up dos, roller sets, Wrap-A-Locs, twists, Bantu Knots, or braids. Brotherlocks™, which are larger, can be styled in cornrows, braid-outs, and more.

Certified Sisterlock™ Consultants undergo specialized training in Sisterlocks™ and Brotherlocks™, so you can trust you’re receiving the best care of your hair.


Here is a little information about Sisterlocks™ to answer your questions:

  • Sisterlocks™ is a natural hair management system that allows those with tightly textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of today’s hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of their hair.

  • You can get Sisterlocks™ with relaxed hair, though the transition will take more time. The Hair Care Professional who is trained in Sisterlocks™ techniques can help you make that transition.

  • You can also change your hairstyle with Sisterlocks™. They are a lot less limiting than extensions, because it is your natural hair.

  • You can curl it, braid it, wear a ponytail, cut it, spray or mousse it, wear bangs and parts, updo it, color it…You Name It!

  • Sisterlocks™ will NOT cause your hair to break or thin. Just the opposite! Sisterlocks™ is a gentle technique that requires no chemicals, no excessive tightening, and causes no damaging abrasion to the hair or scalp. You will find that with regular care, your locks will grow and grow, and your styling options will increase.

You won’t need a bunch of expensive hair care products with exotic ingredients to keep your Sisterlocks™ healthy, lovely, and strong.

The Sisterlocks™ Approach is a “less-is-more” approach.  Your gorgeous, natural hair needs to breathe and be free of residue buildup.  To that end, Sisterlocks™ have products designed to enhance the natural luster and bounce of your locks:

Your Shampoos are your Bedrock!  Sisterlock™ shampoos are Concentrated.  An 8-oz bottle makes up to 3 bottles of shampoo!

  • Start off a Square One with our Starter Shampoo – You won’t find a better product for helping the hair to accept the locking structure in the early stages of locking. Now made with abundant botanicals, it is gentler and more effective than ever.

  • Salon Concentrate – With Aloe and 12 botanicals, this shampoo works best in looser, wavy hair to deep clean and moisturize.

  • Green Tea Concentrate – With Aloe and 10 botanicals, this shampoo works best in tightly coiled hair that is often hard to soften and moisturize.

  • Dandruff Shampoo Concentrate - Soothes the scalp with powerful anti-dandruff results.

Moisturizing can be Tricky!

  • Discover your hair’s natural luster with Herbal Spray Moisturizer. It draws moisture to the strands and is unbeatable for freestyle-do’s, but you only need to use sparingly.

  • Moisture Treatment, our most popular product, works well on scalp and hair. It softens hair and washes out completely.

  • To strengthen hair shaft, Reconstructor is designed for fragile, color-treated hair.

Finishing Touches, Styling Essentials!

  • Setting Lotion is for use very sparingly on clean, slightly damp hair then dry completely to achieve the tightest set.

  • Styling Spray is a light, effective product that may be used during and after styling the hair.

The right products for your natural locks are always Sisterlocks™ products.  Just ask any one of our Sisterlocks™ Consultants and we’ll be happy to assist you in choosing and obtaining any of these Sisterlocks™ products designed just for you!